Frequently Asked Questions

What is Global Tree Registry?
Global Tree Registry is a unique gift giving product:
You provide us with a name for your tree and personal message or dedication;
We assign that name to a tree with the GPS coordinates.
We officially register the tree with Global Tree Archives.
We donate five trees to be planted. You will receive a confirmation certificate that the trees were  
   donated in your name, or the name of the person to whom you dedicated the trees to.

Will I be able to see the tree?
Yes! Since we provide you with an actual picture of your named tree and the global positioning satellite location, you may visit your tree and watch it grow.

Do I own the tree?
Not really.  The trees esentially belong to all of us because they are located on public lands. You do own the rights to that particular tree's name and GPS coordinates in the"Global Tree Archives".

How do you know what trees to take pictures of?
We only take pictures of trees in designated protected areas, wilderness areas, or areas where no logging, no roads and no motorized vehicles are allowed.

Who plants the five trees?
Currently we support the USDA "National Forest Service", "The National Arbor Day Foundation" and the "American Forest"  organizations with one of many tree planting projects they currently have underway.

Do I own the tree I name? 
Yes, you own the official Global Tree Archives name for your tree at that exact GPS Location. The name will be recorded in the "Global Tree Archives" which will be copyrighted.
Why should I name a tree with your company?
Because we take pride in our products and we pay special attention to detail. Your gift will not only be fun, but also it will benefit the entire planet!   

Can I visit the tree I name?
Yes, you can.  Because we give you the exact GPS coordinates, you can hike to it, take a picture and even watch your tree grow!

How do you ship?
We mostly ship USPS.  The USPS now offers a flat rate fee that helps keep shipping costs down.

Can I personalize my Certificate? 
Yes, we want your gift to be as special as the person you are giving it to.  You may include a personalized message of your choice on the certificate.


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