Unique Personalized Gifts for Her or Him.

How it Works


 You name a living tree either;

  • For someone.
  • After someone.
  • In honor of someone
  • As an award.
  • In memorial.
  • Weddings, Graduations, ect... 


We Select a Tree For the Customer



We Register the tree with the "Global Tree Archives". A Certified Certificate for the Customer's Tree with the exact GPS coordinates, the name of the tree, and any gift message you want to include.



We have a topo map Printed with the exact GPS coordinates of the trees position.



We have 5 new trees planted in a National Forest with a donation confirmation issued on behalf of the gift recipient.


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Go Green, Go Environmentally Friendly, Go Personalized Gift, Go Trees, Go Unique gift,
but above all,
Go to Your Place in the Wilderness!

Your Place in the Wilderness!

  1. Hike to it with our exact GPS coordinates and topo map.
  1. Watch it Grow. Take pictures yearly and document its growth.  
  1. Give it as a gift to someone special or deserving recognition. 
  1. Unique GREEN GIFT, earth friendly, fun, & will fight global climate change.        

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We are confident that you won't find a more unique gift on the internet. 

 Be sure to check out our custom gift packages and tree facts before you leave. We hope you find your internet shopping experience fun and inspiring all at the same time!


Your place in the Wilderness, named for someone special, will be registered, ARCHIVED FOREVER, and the name and exact GPS coordinates will be recorded in the "Global Tree Archives" that will be copyrighted in the USA.